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Disposition Opportunities

Please select from the list to review ARCO’s current disposition opportunities and corresponding marketing materials.

If you are interested in selling your assets or company and would like more information about the marketing process and industry activity, please contact us directly.

  • Barnwell of Canada, Limited
  • Ascensun Oil & Gas Ltd.

Barnwell of Canada, Inc

Barnwell of Canada, Limited (“BOCL” or the “Company”) has initiated a process to divest of the Company’s non-core, largely non-operated, conventional light oil and natural gas assets which averaged ~140 bbl/d and ~350 Mcf/d and generated annualized net operating income of $1.0 million (the “Properties”) to BOCL’s working interest in Q4/2020. The Properties include:

Wood River

  • 21.15% interest in oil-producing Basal Quarts Unit and ~65% working interest in two Leduc oil wells
  • Q4/2020 net production of 80 bbl/d and 54 Mcf/d with $540M of annualized NOI

Medicine River

  • Interest in Cenovus operated Pekisko N Pool Unit which is producing on a gas injection scheme, with ~3.6 MMcf/d of the Unit’s ~4.6 MMcf/d of production being reinjected into the Pekisko Formation
  • Q4/2020 net production to BOCL of 23 bbl/d and 78 Mcf/d with $90M of annualized NOI

Kaybob South

  • 14.35% non-operated interest in four gross horizontal wells producing from the Dunvegan E Pool
  • Q4/2020 net production to BOCL of 16 bbl/d and 39 Mcf/d with $170M of annualized NOI


  • 22% non-operated interest in two producing vertical wells from the Kiskatinaw Formation and 75% operated interest in a single producer from the Baldonnel Formation
  • 8 sections with mineral interests in the Charlie Lake Formation
  • Q4/2020 net production to BOCL of 24 bbl/d and 16 Mcf/d with $150M of annualized NOI


  • Non-operated 11.4% working interest in CNRL operated field which produces natural gas from the McMurray and Grand Rapids Formations
  • Q4/2020 net production to BOCL of 176 Mcf/d with $54M of annualized NOI

Ascensun Oil & Gas Inc.

In August 2020, Ascensun Oil & Gas Ltd. (“Ascensun” or the “Company”) initiated a process to sell all of the Company’s oil and gas properties, which include conventional medium oil-producing assets located around Grand Forks (the “Properties”). The Properties have the following characteristics:

  • June 2020 production of ~170 BOE/d (100% oil) from 20 net producing wells
  • Medium oil (16o to 26o API) from Glauconitic, Sawtooth, Lower Mannville Formations at shallow 850 – 950 metre depth
  • Stable base production profile with sub 10% decline rate
  • ~$1.6 million of net operating income generated in 2019 on 200 BOE/d (~$22/BOE netback)
  • Undercapitalized asset base provides opportunity for low-risk infill drilling and continued development of existing pools
  • 32 MMbbl OOIP identified with 28% recovery factor vs. 40% modeled using petrophysical analysis
  • 32 horizontal locations booked in Grand Forks using vertical well control, seismic data and logs
  • Booked PDP of 0.5 MMbbl with NPV10 (BT) of $8.5 million (Dec. 31, 2019)