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CEC North Star - Corporate Sale Process

CEC North Star Energy Ltd. (“CEC” or the “Company”) has initiated a process to sell the Company and has retained ARCO Capital Partners Inc. (“ARCO”) as its exclusive financial advisor to assist with process marketing (the “Process”).

CEC is a private Alberta incorporated E&P with two oil sands projects in the Manning area of northwest Alberta targeting the Elkton Erosional Edge and Bluesky Channel Sands.

Corporate and asset highlight:

  • Two oil sands development projects with combined potential for +1.6 billion bbl of PIIP
  • Elkton Erosional Edge: 1.06 billion bbl of PIIP supported by existing well control and 2D seismic with API gravity of 14.5o in a uniform carbonate rock matrix at 460 metre depth
  • Bluesky Channel: 400 MMbbl of PIIP supported by well control and 3D seismic
  • Access to key infrastructure, year-round access and nearby industry hubs
  • No bank debt; $0.25 MM of debenture and notes payable
  • 85% of the shares are held by insiders of the Company
  • $160 MM of available tax pools including $94 MM of non-capital losses

Parties that execute the attached confidentiality agreement will have access to confidential information via an online data room. The deadline for non-binding proposals is June 2, 2022.